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San Marcos Healthcare Access


San Marcos has a health center that is open seven days a

week, and it is in very good condition. Unfortunately, it is only

staffed by one doctor and two nurses and does not have

sufficient medication to serve its patients. Malnutrition is a huge

problem in San Marcos, and affects 90% of the children in the

community. Teenage pregnancy is another issue in San Marcos

which stems from a lack of sexual education. Hypertension and 

diabetes are the two leading illnesses in adults. Diarrhea,

parasites, and respiratory infections are also very common

throughout all ages in the community.



Community Demographics

San Marcos is home to 3,571 people and has an average of

6 inhabitants per home. It is the located in a mountaneous

region in the department of Jinotega, the municipality of

San Gabriel Del Norte and is surrounded by 9 smaller

communities. Since the health center is in San Marcos,

members of these communities must travel to the center for





Brigade Site Information

 The brigade will be held at the community's health center. 




Community Health Statistics

Below is a chart showing the illnesses treated on our most

recent brigade to San Marcos.


Illness Type # of Cases
Respiratory Problems
Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat
Chronic 301
MusculoSkeletal 39


Current Status

Last Visit: July 5th 2015

The Mayo Clinic Medical/Dental brigade in July 2015 was most recent brigade in San Marcos. 720 patients visisted the brigade to receive care.

General Overview
Population 3,571
Health Center
Yes, in good condition
Brigade Site
Health Center
Most Common Illness Malnutrition in Children
Most Recent Brigade Date July 2015


Additional Information
General Community Profile
Medical Methodology
Dental Methodology
Pre-Brigade Lesson Plans