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Welcome to the Global Brigades Family!


Volunteers ARE making a difference! You are one step closer to demonstrating the power that a single volunteer can have in positively transforming the world!


The most impact you can make is by leading a brigade to work directly with our local teams and community partners. Brigades can be small groups of 2-5 people or large groups of 30-90. The record is 92.  


STEP 1: Choose one of Global Brigades 8 programs: Business, Dental, Engineering, Environmental, Human Rights, Medical, Public Health, and Water.


STEP 2: Enter your information into the box to the right, along with your program selection in the comment box, and we will assign you an Advisor who will help guide you through the brigade planning process.


STEP 3: Please visit our Volunteer Resource Site to learn more about our model and leading a brigade.




Lead a Brigade!