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Las Mangas Healthcare Access

Las Mangas has a health center that serves around 3,600 people

from Las Mangas and several smaller, surrounding communitites.

All children in the area receive immunizations in addition to vitamins

and anti-parasitics once a year. The center's staff consists of one

doctor and two nurses, but oftenhas insufficient medical supplies,

especially medications. Patients must travel to Matagalpa to receive

care for more serious illnesses.


Community Demographics

Las Mangas is home to about 1,800 people and has about 300

homes, with an average of 6 inhabitants per home.  Las Mangas

is the center of a larger area including several other communities.
Since the other communities do not have health centers, they

have to travel Las Mangas to receive care. Although these are
the communities that pertain to the health center in Las Mangas,

there are even more communities that visit during the brigade to

receive medical care. 



Brigade Site Information

Medical brigades use the Las Mangas health center as their brigade

site. The health center consists of two small, adjacent builldings,

each having 3 rooms. The intake, traige, and charla stations are

held outside of the health center. The consultation rooms, dental

station, and pharmacy are located inside the health center buildings.



Current Community Initiatives

There are currently no other community initiatives taking place in

Las Mangas. This was the first brigade held in this community, but

we look forward to returning to Las Mangas in the future. The

Community Health Workers program is currently being developed

in Nicaragua and will be initiated in this community in the future.


Community Health Statistics

Below is a chart showing the illnesses treated on our most recent

brigade to Las Mangas.


Illness Type # of Cases
Respiratory Problems
Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat
Bronchitis 15
Chronic 150
MusculoSkeletal 89


Current Status

Last Visit: August 2015

This past August, a combined group of students from the CUNY Macaulay Honors College, Long Island Medical, and Wake Forest University traveled to Las Mangas for their Medical and Dental Brigade. This was the first brigade ever held in Las Mangas. With approximately 35 student volunteers and the help of local community volunteers, they saw 1,342 medical patients from Las Mangas and smaller surrounding communities over 3 days.



General Overview
Population 1800
Number of Houses
Average # Persons Per House
Health Center
Brigade Site
Health Center
Most Common Illness GastroIntestinal Problems
Most Recent Brigade Date August 2015


Additional Information
General Community Profile
Medical Methodology
Dental Methodology
Pre-Brigade Lesson Plans