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La Fundadora Healthcare Access

La Fundadora does have a health center, although it mostly treats

basic illnesses and is under resourced. The health center has 9

rooms but only 3 are utilized due to a lack of staff, which consists of

1 doctor and 2 nurses. Ms. Lesbiac, a nurse working in the health

center, sees between 35 and 60 patients each day. People from 19

other communities use this health center. Some patients take the

bus while others walk. Individuals travel from a half hour up

to 3 hours to get to access care. 


The health center is in need of much more medical supplies and

currently lacks medication to combat parasites and allergies, among

other things. When the doctors and nurses do not have the

medications for a patient in need, they send them to a pharmacy

within the community to purchase the medication. Unfortunately, the

majority of patients cannot afford the medications so they do not

purchase them. However, the local pharmacy does provide free

medication for fungal infections.


Community Demographics

La Fundadora is home to about 7,000 people and has about 230 

homes, with an average of 12 inhabitants per home. There are

approximately 750 children between the ages of 0 and 5 and 500 

children between the ages of 6 and 14. The remaining 5,900

individuals are 15 or older.



Brigade Site Information

Medical Brigades use La Fundadora's health center as the brigade 

site. The intake, traige, and charla stations are most commonly held

outside of the health center. 


Community Health Statistics

Below is a chart showing the illnesses treated on our most recent

brigade to La Fundadora.


Illness Type # of Cases
Respiratory Problems
Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat
Bronchitis 11
Chronic 195
MusculoSkeletal 120





Current Community Initiatives

There are currently no other community initiatives taking place in La Fundadora. The Community Health Workers program is currently being developed in Nicaragua and will be initiated in this community in the near future.



Current Status

Last Visit: August 2015

This past August, a group of 40 students from the University of Washington participated in a medical brigade in La Fundadora. This brigade provided care for 1,303 individuals. 



General Overview
Population 7,156
Number of Houses
Average # Persons Per House
Health Center
Brigade Site
Health Center
Most Common Illness UTI
Most Recent Brigade Date August 2015


Additional Information
General Community Profile
Medical Methodology
Dental Methodology
Pre-Brigade Lesson Plans