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A brigade leader is a student, faculty member, administrator, or company employee that is working to organize and lead a group on an upcoming brigade through their university, company, or surrounding area.  Brigade leaders work with Global Brigade staff to ensure all volunteers are prepared for their experience abroad. 


Steps to Plan a Brigade


1. Schedule
a Brigade

Choose the destination country, program, and dates that are best for your group's upcoming brigade.

2. Dashboard

The Global Brigades Dashboard will allow you to manage and track recruitment and fundraising for the group.

3. Recruit

Encourage your friends and peers to join the brigade as volunteers.

4. Support Fundraising

Organize group fundraisers and track progress of your brigade volunteers' Donation Goals. 

5. Facilitate Travel Booking

Work with Global Brigades' in-house travel team or official partner agencies to facilitate travel booking for your group's volunteers.

6. Health & Safety

Share this information to ensure all volunteers are aware of important health and safety information.

7. Program Preparation

Support volunteers in their personal preparation for their brigade experience. 

8. On-Brigade Responsibilities

Learn about your responsibilities as a group leader during the brigade in-country.



Who Assists Brigade Leaders with Planning Brigades? 

Each brigade leader will work with a regional Advisor to determine a destination country and program for the group's upcoming brigade.Once a destination and program have been determined and the brigade has been scheduled, brigade leaders will be assigned a Program Associate from their destination country who will work with them for the remainder of the brigade planning process.


Can't reach your Advisor or Program Associate? Contact admin@globalbrigades.org, and we'll direct you to a staff member who can help you.