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Icon Design Attributions

The icon designs used throughout the website and marketing materials have all been provided free of charge by many amazing designers throughout the world. Global Brigades sources all of its icon designs from The Noun Project and then customizes the colors and sizes of the icons. Each of the icons can be found below along with the original icon designers.


Icon Design

Creator Attribution

Architecture.png Ruler designed by Unknown Designer from The Noun Project
Business.png Bar Graph designed by Scott Lewis from The Noun Project
Dental.png Tooth designed by Unknown Designer Collaboration from The Noun Project
Enviromental.png Plant designed by Tak Imoto from The Noun Project
Law.png Scale designed by Unknown Designer from The Noun Project
Medical.png Plus designed by Naomi Atkinson from The Noun Project
Microfinance.png Money designed by Nick Levesque from The Noun Project
Public Health.png Hand Wash designed by Maryna Aleksandrova from The Noun Project
Water.png Drinking Water designed by Unknown Designer from The Noun Project

VRS CustomerService 512x512x32 2.png

Customer Service designed by Igor Gregorio from The Noun Project

VRS Contract 512x512x32 2.png

Contract designed by Joe Aimonetti from The Noun Project
VRS Team2 512x512x32 2.png  Team designed byBjörn Anderssonfrom The Noun Project 
 VRS Calendar2 512x512x32 2.png Calendar designed by David Marioni from The Noun Project 
VRS Volunteers 512x512x32 3.png Volunteer designed by Dima Yagnyuk from The Noun Project 
 VRS Plane3 512x512x32 2.png Airplanedesigned by Renan Ferreira Santos from The Noun Project 
 VRS Donate2 512x512x32 2.png Add Money designed by Hakan Yalcin from The Noun Project 
 VRS Preparedness 512x512x32 2.png Preparedness designed by OCHA AVMU from The Noun Project  
 VRS Teaching 512x512x32 2.png Big Idea sponsored by Media Template from The Noun Project   
 VRS Laptop2 512x512x32 2.png Laptop designed bySteve Stompfrom The Noun Project
 VRS Conference 256x256x32 2.png Theater designed by Pedro Lunardi from The Noun Project
VRS Poster 512x512x32 2.png

Poster designed by Semilla Solar from The Noun Project

Businessman designed by Justin Blake from The Noun Project

Team designed by Ed Gray from The Noun Project
Doctor designed by Wilson Joseph from The Noun Project

Photographer designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Project. 

Speaker designed by Miguel C Balandrano from The Noun Project. 

Icons appearing on the experience page, brigade pages, and VRS page, were provided by Icons8