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Dates: May 15 - May 21, 2016

Country: Panama

Environmental Brigades volunteers work with rural families and community leaders to improve environmental sustainability and livelihood. During the brigade, volunteers utilize household surveys conducted by Global Brigades staff and face-to-face discussions to connect with the community members and understand their environmental needs, and work alongside them to implement solutions to reforest, farm sustainably, and better manage both inorganic and organic wastes. The planting of native tree species restores the biodiversity and nutrient-cycling directly on the families’ land. By creating and utilizing organic fertilizers and natural pesticides, as well as diversifying the number and placement of agricultural plants, soil nutrients are improved while erosion is minimized. Agricultural yields can be increased without dramatically altering the lifestyle of the rural farmers, while in the meantime, the cost of sustaining the farm can be lessened by breaking away from petrochemical fertilizers. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to educate community members on the hazards of waste burning, as well as the environmental and health benefits of setting up composting along with other waste diversion methods.

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