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Dates: January 01 - April 02, 2015

Thank you to all contributors for raising $302.00 as of September 17, 2013!! Sarah Ansah is a 39 year old mother whose primary occupation is farming. The UC Davis Medical Brigade met Sarah in Akwakrom and found out that she underwent a vasectomy three years ago and has since developed an incisional hernia. This hernia has reached a large size and has become a physical and financial burden to her family. She does not make enough money to continue care outside of the Brigade Clinic, but wants to address her clinical situation with the hopes of reducing her hernia completely. Thanks to UC Davis\' support Sarah has underwent the initial consultations at Korle Bu hospital in the capital city Accra and has had the necessary diagnostic testing done. She has officially been cleared to proceed with the incisional hernia repair surgery and will be admitted to the hospital on Monday December 9, 2013. Sarah\'s surgeon explained that it is required to purchase the Mesh for Sarah\'s surgery, which is not covered under Ghanian National Health Insurance and costs 500 GHC. This is because her skin will be pulled too far apart and is basically a skin graft to put the skin back together and heal properly. In addition to the Mesh, the anesthesia will not be covered under National Health Insurance and will cost approximately 700 GHC. Totalling 1300 GHC. Benjamin, Sarah\'s eldest son, can stay at a nearby hostel, which will cost 2 GHC a night plus the cost of his food. Sarah is expected to be admitted for no more than one week and thankfully accommodation and food for Sarah is covered by insurance. The breakdown for the expenses are as follows: Milk, Milo and sugar for 2 mandatory blood donors: 10 GHC Benjamin\'s hostel 1 week + food: 14 GHC + 70 GHC = 85 GHC Mesh: 500 GHC Anesthesia: 700 GHC Transportation to Korle Bu in Accra: 150 GHC Total: 1445 GHC This 1445 GHC is approximately equal to $720. Let us keep the fundraising momentum going and ensure Sarah can have this life altering surgery!

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