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Dates: June 21 - June 29, 2023

Country: Panama

Midview HS aims to improve health care access and sanitation infrastructure for children in under resourced communities abroad. Our Squad travels abroad to conduct mobile health clinics for children that include primary health care and vision and dental screenings. We also learn about and address some of the systemic issues behind preventable diseases in the community by implementing health workshops and building handwashing stations alongside local students. Each of our student volunteers has a donation goal to help cover logistical expenses while abroad such as transport, local staff, meals, insurance, accommodations, but most important, the year-round follow-up to our project by local staff to ensure the sustainability over time. We need your help to reach our goals! Consider donating or joining our next Squad! We are a chapter of Squads Abroad, a 501c3 non-profit working to improve health, education and economic outcomes in the developing world with our parent organization Global Brigades.

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Jessica Dembiec


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Midview HS Global Health Squad June 2023 Panama

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