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In 2011, Global Brigades created the Campus Chairperson position in order to build a network of students that represent and embody the Global Brigades (GB) mission, vision, values and holistic programming on each of their respective university campuses. What began with 20 Campus Chairs has now grown to include over 100 Campus Chairpersons across the world and we are now looking to grow to have a Campus Chairperson on every university campus that has a GB chapter. 


As the point person for Global Brigades on their campus, the Campus Chairperson unites and supports their GB Chapters, gains important insider information from GB staff on monthly committee meetings, represents their campus in organizational decision making, and focuses on growing the GB movement on campus and in their community.


Chairperson Responsibilities:  

Represent Your Campus

As the main GB point person at their university, each Chairperson represents GB on their campus and act as the bridge that connects their chapter(s) with GB staff, university administration, and other chapter leaders across the world. They advocate on behalf of their chapter(s) and participate in strategic voting that shapes our student-led movement. 

Unite & Empower Chapters

Chairpersons work to faciltate collaboration amongst all chapters in a holistic manner so that the GB movement on their campus functions as a cohesive whole. CCs oversee all chapters and are responsible for providing support, resources, and updates and strengthening leadership and club governance. 

Grow the Movement

Chairpersons seek to grow the GB movement by identifying leaders on their campus and nearby campuses to start new chapters and leadinging educational events on campus and in their community to raise awareness of global health and economic disparities. Importantly, the CC role uniquely focuses on larger organizational goals (outside of brigade planning), and promotes year round engagement. 


Why Become a Campus Chairperson?

  •  LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Acting as a CC and participating in the CC program is a huge opportunity for leadership development. This role will allow you to develop many incredibly valuable soft skills (communication, teamwork, problem solving, etc.) for your future!
  • BUILD YOUR CAREER: With lots of Global Brigades knowledge and leadership experience under your belt, you should really start considering your next step with Global Brigades! Campus Chairpersons are ideal candidates for roles within the organization.
  • INSIDE SCOOP & DECISION MAKING: As Chairperson, you will play a very important role in the organization by sharing the latest Brigades news and updates with your campus. You will be the first to know about program changes, the latest in-country initiatives, job opportunities, and more.  Chairpersons also have voting power, and will occasionally vote on important GB initiatives.
  • CC SCHOLARSHIP: As a reward for successfully completing the Campus Chairperson program, recognized CCs may be eligible to receive a scholarship to cover their program contribution for up to one brigade per school year.


How to Become a Campus Chairperson

If you (or a fellow leader) are interested in taking on a more active leadership role within Global Brigades, please fill out our CC Interest Form. Once a Campus Chairperson is identified at your university, that individual will need to submit the following Campus Chairperson application in order to receive formal recognition by Global Brigades.

USA CC Application

Canada CC Application

UK CC Application


The Campus Chairperson Program 

As an accepted CC, you will be partaking in the Global Brigades Campus Chairperson program. This program is designed to ensure that you are equipped with the tools you need to be successful in your role, to provide mentorship/support throughout your term as CC, and to connect you with all of the other CCs around the world! This consists of 4 onboarding training sessions, 8 monthly CC Committee calls, and 4 quarterly programming webinars. 


Who Assists Chairpersons in Fulfilling Their Role? 

There are two Volunteer Engagement Associates (VEAs) based in North America who serve as main point of contact and go-to resource for Campus Chairpersons. Your VEA will work with you to manage and grow the chapters on your campus, and in turn your VEA will rely on you for on-campus support and leadership, as well as general campus updates. CC's will also be in touch with the Board of Directors from their respective home country to provide important feedback. 


Nicole Jollimore

Senior Volunteer Engagement Associate 


Region: Canada, Europe, Northeastern USA

Jim Kluk

Volunteer Engagement Associate


Region: USA (except 

Northeastern USA)