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Participate in Local Initiatives 

Local Initiatives are service projects designed to address the needs of local communities in student volunteers’ home countries. Reach out to your leadership team on campus to determine what types of local initiatives may be available to volunteers. If you'd like to start a new Local Initiative, read our Local Initiatives Packet


Attend a Global Brigades Event

Throughout the year Global Brigades leaders and alumni plan a variety of events including conferences and alumni meet-ups. Check out the Events page for more information on events taking place in your area. 


Take on a Leadership Role

As a student-led organization, our leaders on campus are the driving force behind our organization's growth and development. Taking on a leadership allows you to built professional skills while navigating complex team dynamics. Reach out to your brigade leader or Campus Chairperson to see what leadership opportunities exist on your campus. 


Participate in a Summer Program

Summer programs offer an opportunity for new and experienced volunteers to engage with Global Brigades programs in a way that is unique from the traditional brigades. View Details >>


Join the Alumni Network

Any volunteer who has previously participated in a brigade is considered a Global Brigades alumnus and is invited to join our alumni network. To learn more about opportunities available to Global Brigades alumni, visit our Alumni Resources