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Engineering Brigade Overview

Through Engineering Brigades, volunteers work with local engineers and technicians to design water systems for rural communities. Volunteers assist in assessing water challenges, determining local water sources, and planning the designs for a feasible safe water solution. 


Sample Itinerary

Honduras 7 Day Engineering

Brigade Components
Introduction to Global Brigades / Engineering & Water Introduction

Introductory talks about the Global Brigades model, mission and objectives of Engineering Brigades, water project design in Honduras, engineering in the field, community water needs, and cultural sensitivity will be given.


Community Leader Meeting / Technical Evaluation & Site Visit 

Volunteers meet with community leaders and families at a completely new Global Brigades partner community to learn about their community, water sources, assets, and needs. Volunteers assess their current water sources and systems to identify their limitations/problems and to examine water quality and quantity.


Feasibility & Water Report

Volunteers prepare a summary report for Global Brigades and the community; it will cover community background information, water problems, and an analysis of feasible solutions and recommendations.


Project Mapping, Measurements, and Planning / Data Compilation & Design

Volunteers work alongside local engineers and technicians to map, measure, and designing components of new systems or making improvements to existing designs. Volunteers will work in the evenings to analyze data, finalize designs, create material lists and budgets, and finalize a summary report while taking into account a limited budget, local materials, and community feedback.


Project Follow-Up Visit

Volunteers will visit a community where Global Brigades has completed a water project in order to provide follow-up. Volunteers will meet with community leaders and review the operation, maintenance, and current state of the water system.


Final Meeting: Recommendations

Volunteers will have the opportunity to present their map and survey data along with their project design plan for their project community. Volunteers will also work on follow-up reports to be submitted two weeks after the brigade.



Evening Reflections

Volunteers will participate in nightly reflections and group discussions. The evenings are an excellent time to enhance your brigade experience by reflecting with your group on the impact and significance of your day's work and learning about the country's culture and history. There will also be free time in the evenings for volunteers to prepare for the next day, relax, and socialize. 

Engineering Brigades are currently not offered in Panama.

Engineering Brigades are currently not offered in Nicaragua.

Engineering Brigades are currently not offered in Ghana.