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A Brigade Volunteer (aka Brigader) is a student or working professional that is volunteering on an upcoming brigade. You are ultimately the catalyst for the progress that happens on-the-ground with communities. Brigaders work with their group to fundraise for their brigade and implement projects in-country.


Steps to Prepare for Your Brigade 


1. Program Overviews

Learn about our skill-based programs, and determine which is the best fit for you. You can also view sample brigade itineraries.

2.  Sign Up 

Create a profile on our website and sign up for the brigade you'll be joining. 

3.  Fundraise

To be eligible to participate in a brigade, volunteers must meet a Donation Goal by fundraising toward Global Brigades' mission. Read more about Donation Goals.

4.  Travel

Learn how you and your chapter will book flights for your brigade, and read about our lodging facilities.

5.  Health & Safety

Find information about health and safety on brigades, and share this information with parents/family as needed.

6.  Program

Find out what you'll need to do before your departure to be an effective volunteer. This includes preparing for your specific program or project, learning about the communities, etc. 

7. Interact with Us

Follow Global Brigades on your favorite social media platforms to share your story and stay up to date about what's happening on the ground.

8.  Stay Involved

Learn about ways you can stay involved with our organization after your brigade.


Who Assists Brigaders with Preparing for Brigades?

Each brigade has a brigade leader. If the brigade is organized by a university chapter, the brigade leader is typically a student leader on campus. Your group's brigade leader will work with a Global Brigades staff member (called a Program Associate) to book travel, set fundraising deadlines, and help volunteers prepare for their experience abroad. 


As the brigade approaches and logistical details are finalized, volunteers will begin receiving extra resources and information directly from the Program Associate. Until then, please look to your brigade leader for guidance and support throughout your preparation for your brigade.