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In 2014, Global Brigades initiated the alumni network as a means to provide graduates a way to continue their service to communities abroad. All volunteers who have participated in Global Brigades programs are considered Global Brigades alumni (regardless of their academic graduation status) and are welcome in our alumni network.


Join the Alumni Network

Stay connected to the movement by joining the Alumni Network. You will receive a newsletter with updates on projects being conducted in our partner communities and details for ways alumni can support these various initiatives.


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Other Ways to Stay Involved

There are two primary ways to support our organization as a Global Brigades alumnus: connect with an existing chapter on a university campus, or join a regional alumni hub. 


Connect with a University Chapter

Alumni involvement in university chapters is invaluable. Alumni can not only support the basic operations of the chapter (e.g. fundraising, raising awareness, etc.) but can also serve as mentors to chapter members and leaders by sharing their previous experiences. Contact alumni@globalbrigades.org to be connected with a chapter.


Become a Chapter Mentor 

Global Brigades chapters are always looking for ways to engage with alumni, past brigaders, and working professionals in order to build their knowledge and experience in their careers and in health and economic development. If you would like to donate your time to a local chapter through career counseling, brigade preparation, or other ways, our mentorship program is for you. Contact alumni@globalbrigades.org for more information. 


Join an Alumni Hub

Alumni hubs are Global Brigades chapters comprised of alumni that are associated with a geographical region, rather than a university campus. It creates a space for alumni who are no longer active on a university campus to network and support Global Brigades in a way that is appropriate for young, working professionals. To get involved with an existing hub, contact the hub leader(s) below. Can't reach a hub leader? Contact alumni@globalbrigades.org, and we'll help connect you. 


Hub Location

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 Hub Leader(s)

Los Angeles

 Matt Gomez, Genie Alvarez, Grace Goryoka - alumnihub.la@globalbrigades.org


 Kathy Nalepka, Lindsey Prockno - chicagoalumni@globalbrigades.org
Philadelphia  Mayur Chandriani, Anupma Sahay - philadelphiaalumni@globalbrigades.org
Vancouver  Manjot Kahlon - manjot_27@hotmail.com

 Marissa Ley - marissaley@globalbrigades.org

 Chantelle McMullin - chantellemcmullin@globalbrigades.org


Don't have a hub in your area? Contact alumni@globalbrigades.org for more information on how to start a new hub in your region.